The most comprehensive 'SaaS Cost Optimization' playbook

A staggering 10% of company revenue is spent on SaaS. Because of the ease of SaaS adoption, much of today's spending has slipped under the radar. The priority has now shifted towards controlling SaaS spending and reducing bloated SaaS stacks.

But traditional SaaS buying is one-dimensional & unsustainable when it comes to optimizing cost.

So we built a comprehensive cost optimization playbook with a multi-dimensional framework that addresses how companies can zero in on SaaS wastage problems, implement cost control across different stages in the SaaS lifecycle, and prevent future overspending.

What’s inside?

Root causes for spiraling costs in the SaaS lifecycle

Indicators you need to look for to find the root causes

A clear roadmap to achieving cost control

The five stages to achieving SaaS optimization

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