Modern IGA: Security and Compliance for the Cloud

The worldwide transition of business operations to the cloud has led to decentralized work and accelerated usage of SaaS applications. Identity has now become the new security perimeter. But the perimeter is compromised because what lies beyond is a complex and fragile access ecosystem.

The security and compliance challenges, IT & security teams face today is down to ungoverned access & outdated systems not equipped to manage challenges of the cloud

Modern IGA is built on three key tenets:

  • Holistic Access Intelligence into all identities and applications.
  • Streamlined & automated governance of app access.
  • Secure orchestration built on policy driven workflows.

This ebook provides a deep dive into how companies can implement Modern IGA and always stay secure and compliant

in the cloud-first landscape.

Combine granular SaaS Management with cloud-first Identity Governance to prevent Shadow IT, control spends and secure access for all apps with Zluri

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